January 09, 2008 - 11:03 AM
Daniel Wharton from Michigan

  I was in a relationship with a married woman who was going to leave her husband for me and then backed out. After this point we stayed friends. A month later she contacted me and said she was pregnant. She told me that it was her husband’s child and that she was sorry for all the pain she put me through. I stayed friends with her. We had talked and said that she and her husband would be tested to make sure it was infact their child when he was born. Two days after the birth she contacted me from the hospital saying that all was well. She said He was their child. She had told the nurse that she wanted to be tested because of the situation that she had been in. About four months later she started calling me and saying that the child looked like me. After two months of her calls consisting of conversations about her thinking he was my child, I asked her if it would make her feel at peace if we just went and got a DNA test. So she, the baby and I went and had a DNA test done. She asked me what we would do if he was mine. I told her if she had the testing done like she said, that he was not going to be mine. We discussed that if in some chance that he was, I thought we might try to have a relationship so I could be in my child's life as much as possible. Two weeks later the results come he is in fact my child 99.88% positive. I started seeing him on a regular basis. My whole family meets my son including my (mom, dad, step dad, brother etc) this goes on for about four months without her husband knowing that I'm seeing him. I get the feeling that the mother just wants to be in a relationship with me and she really doesn't care if I'm in my son’s life. I ask her if she wants me in his life no matter our relationship outcome. She tells me yes. The next day i tell that i talked to a lawyer about my rights and i asked if she would sign a new acknowledgment of paternity stating that i was the father. Two days later I try to call her. The phone number has been changed. I contact her at work (I work with her). She tells me not to come see her or try to contact her at all. I hired a lawyer the day that she cut off contact. I got my day in court early 2007. I felt very prepared with my DNA test, many pictures, phone records, and proof of our relationship. I asked to pay child support, visitation every other weekend, one week day a week, Father’s day and three weeks in the summer. This case was held at the Washtenaw County Court in Ann Arbor, Mi. The case took about five minuets. The Judge didn't even ask to see the DNA test, any photos or look at any proof of my relationship. The Judge did not ask me to take the stand or my brother who came with me. Long story short you have no rights in Michigan if you are the biological father and you have had a relationship with your child. WOW what a shock. I just don't feel its right for my own son a product of me to not know his own biological father not only that I can’t even begin to tell you how this has affected me. I thought this might educate people in Michigan by telling all of you that might read this what happend to me. The law in Michigan in my mind is very wrong and I will work to try to educate people and get this law changed. If you would like to help please click on Bill's link to contact Michigan Legislation. Any further questions or comments about this can be directed to my email below. Thanks for reading.

Daniel Wharton
[email protected]

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July 12, 2007 - 04:37 PM
Jill from CT

  I first heard your story several years back on a babycenter posting board. I heard that tonight Paul Zahn is doing a story on CNN regarding the terrible paternity laws in this country and it made me think of your case. Good luck, please do not give up hope that you will be reunited with your little boy.
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July 02, 2007 - 01:59 AM
Philip Brown from CA