The Paternity Act - My Case
Court of Appeals Opinion (pdf file)
Transcript From my May 16th Trial (pdf file)
Defending attorney comments on "Spielmaker" case (pdf file)

Responses From Senators
Senator Raymond Basham (pdf file)
Senator Debbie Stabenow (pdf file)
Senator Jason Allen (pdf file)
Senator Michelle Mcmanus (pdf file)

Responses From House Representatives

Representative Howard Walker (pdf file)
Representative David Palsrok (pdf file)

The Paternity Act - Others

Monica Cook - King Scholars Paper - MSU Law Student(pdf file)
"From the Putative Father’s Perspective: An Analysis of His Rights to Seek Paternity
Under Michigan’s Paternity Act, and a Plea for Reform"

Family Law Advisor - Paternity

The Law -

White House
Michigan Government
Michigan House of Representatives
Michigan Senate

Fathers Rights
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Dads of Michigan
Fathers and Children Together
Men & Fathers Resource Center
Responsible Single Fathers
National Coalition of Free Men
His Side w/Glenn Sacks

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