February 03, 2016 - 02:43 PM
cindy saylor from mi

  I am saddened by the news my son heard today in Wayne Co. mi court house. My grandson was taken by his mom 8months ago, she resides in redford somewhere we are not sure. It pains us everyday, because we were getting him and then he is gone. The court informed my son today that she is still married from 7 yrs ago. She and that dad had 2 children that were taken from them 7yrs ago, she met my son 3yrs ago had a sweet boy named Korbyn. We just found out that she had another baby in Nov. from another man ,AND she is still married!!! Can't wait for his surprise! We were told because she is married my son has no legal bonds to Korb. the man who was married to her SEVEN yrs ago does. OMGOSH can this be true?!!!! pure devastation.And where do we start?
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January 06, 2010 - 12:49 AM
cubfanmom from IL

  Ages since I have posted here. We met ages ago at Baby Center.

I'm taking a second look at the wording here...
”—the Michigan Supreme Court has interpreted this language to require a court determination that the child is not the issue of the marriage prior to the putative father filing his complaint seeking paternity.

How can this be possible? This would mean, each and every child born within a marriage would require dna testing prior to a childs birth to ensure the child is actually a product of the marriage. Certainly the courts could not force amniocentisis (sp?) to ensure dna matches the father.

What about cases of rape, where a married couple may choose not to abort a child concevied within a marriage but was a product of rape. Would the courts then grant paternal rights to the rapist?

This law, as interpreted excludes any and all possibility of a father in similiar circumstances to yours from establishing his rights.

Have there been any updates on the changes in legislations proposed awhile back?

have never stopped thinking about this case from time to time.

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October 30, 2009 - 09:10 AM
Stanley Axe from Michigan

  I am in the same boat with my daughter the Mother and I use the term loosely were together while she was married and like many suckers like myself believed her when she said she loved me and was going to get a divorce yeah I thought!!!!.When she told me she was pregnant it was a dream come true well like many stories here she went back to her husband and he signed the Birth Certificate I wanted to be in my daughters life birth I was there with the husband for all the OGBYN Appointments but she didnt tell me the day she gave birth so I missed my one and only childs birth SUCKS!!!.Fast forward 9 years her and I were on great terms I help pay for her bills and house payment which she will strongly disagree I get to see my daughter everyday so the world is a peach right wrong now she is pissed and Im scared she will keep my baby from me she has used that in the past that is why I continue to kiss her ass and give her all that I can I just got a job now I,like many others,who I will call MEN want to be in there childs life walk them down the aisle at their wedding be there for their first touchdown ect ect. but are scared shi@#$ss because the courts wont help GET WHAT WE DESERVE and that is a chance to be a DADDY. MICHIGAN CHANGE THIS LAW AND GIVE US THIS CHANCE let us who want to take care of or own beable to do so no more RED TAPE. Like I like to say any guy can be a father but IT TAKES A MAN TO BE A DADDY
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June 22, 2009 - 12:23 AM
Tanya from MI

  I am on the other side of this story. I have been separated from my husband for a year now and my divorce was about to be final when, I became pregnant with another mans baby. Now this other man is trying to bail out because “technically” the baby is not his by law because I am still married. Now I can’t get divorced until there is a DNA test. So I am told. I do not understand why the law is making it so difficult for my unborn child to have his real father be on the birth certificate, be in the hospital room, and legally not the father. I would like someone to help me and figure out how we can change this law. And what if the mother wants the real father in the Childs life? Is the law different then? Can the real father be asked to pay child support and have a DNA test to prove the child is his? How long does this take? Or when my soon to be ex-husband takes the DNA test and proves the baby is not his... Then what? The baby won't have a father? How does this work? How can some men want to be a part of their Childs life and others not? Why is it that men like Bill Numerick Jr who want to be apart of his biological son be denied. And why is it that women have to be left with no one to care for their child once paternity is proven that the Husband is not the father? If anyone has any information can you pease help me???... Contact me at [email protected]

Also, if you have Bill N. contact information can you please send it to me????
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June 01, 2009 - 04:14 PM
cheyenne summer from michagan

  im a heart broken grandmother,i feel for all of you men,i have a son who had his son took away from him two weeks ago,the child has disabilites an the mother who was married to another walked out on the baby when he was 6mos old,my son took very good care of the child,he had a dna an it tested 99.96 percent,after five years of no contack of the mother she files suit for the child an now the childs living in a foster home because the mother is unfit to have the child,but even with the dna ,they say she married to another so my son has no rights,that curel,an sencetive,an it sure wasnt for the best intrest of the child,i think fathers should have rights to there child even if the woman is married to another,this child was happy ,loved,an we miss him so much,theres not a night that goes by that i dont cry my self to sleep,an to think of what my son is going through breaks my heart,an it breaks my heart to know theres alot of other men going through what we are,an yes i voice my opion ,but theres hope,dont give it up
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April 08, 2009 - 12:38 PM
Rae Fruth from MI

  Please see House Bill No. 5993. April 16, 2008. introduced by Mike Simpson. to amend the the Acknowledgement of Parentage Act. written to allow a man who is shown by blood or genetic testing to be the biological father of the child legal standing to contest the parenting acknowledgement. I'm not certain where this bill stands, or if it would in fact help your case, but it's worth investigating.
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December 06, 2008 - 02:59 PM
Amy from Can anyone help me out

  I have a son name Elijuah and hr is 10m old right now i have a prom. i have a guy that is upsetted with me and i cant get him to do a DNA testing he know he is not the father of my child he know the guy that i am with is the father of my child.. but i have a letter that he wrote the he will do DNA setting if i asked him but i dont talk to him because there is a no contact order.. he wont do the DNA testing.. I want to know if i bring up in court that i have a letter written by him stating that he will do DNA testing will it hold up in court.. now so u know he is controlling and abusive.. He has also wrote me threatening letter stating that he will do everything to make sure that me and my babys dad dont stay to gather.. he is using my son to get to me i be live that he thinks if he gets my son that i will come back, and that is what he is trying to do.. all i want is for him to leave me alone and let me my son and his father to move on.. I am engage with my sons father.. o ya this guy that is trying everything to get my son is on the birth cif. If u have any ideal if it will hold up in court or what i can do so he cant get my son please let me know thanks
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October 15, 2008 - 04:33 PM
kandi from salt lake city utah

  my son was married in sept of 2007 he and his new wife where going to have a baby my grandson i have only one child and i was so happy that in jan of 2008 that i was going to be a grandma the week before the wedding we had a fight and i was told that i not going to have my son my grandson in my life ever that hurts i even tryed to kill my self the day after he was born it is a pain that know one under stands it hurts to know your flesh and blood are out there you wonder and you blame your self i wrote a letter as there was no other way of contact and it helped it is oct 15th and i have seen my grandson 3 times i hope and pray that you will get to see you son some day life is to short to not let the law make some rules that help you not hurt you i am so sorry i do not know you but i pray for you god bless
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October 03, 2008 - 02:45 AM
FormerlyAMichiganie from Michigan/Virginia

  I am truely sorry for what has happened to you. In no way can I relate, except for the fact that your story touched my heart and made me cry. I am a single mother of a 4yr have been since he was 2 1/2. All I wanted to do was raise my son with my ex-husband. Try the do it together thing after the divorce.But he had other plans after 8 months of barely even seeing his son he decided that he didn't want to see him anymore. And was considering terminating his rights away. When the divorce papers were made he gave me full custody just like that. He's not seen his son in a 1 1/2, and I have bit my tongue till it bleeds not blessing him out in front of my son. Because one day it will be my son's choose of what he thinks about his father. I will not lead him down that road. My point, my son still crys, still misses, and still wants his Dad even after all he's done to him. My ex-husband remarried 8 days after the divorce, and is now expecting a new baby in Nov.

I wish there were more Dads out there like you. Please never give up, never quit because they are always worth it. The reason I found this site was I typed "I Love my Son." I won't forget you as long as you never forget your Son.
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June 16, 2008 - 06:42 PM
Marty from Michigan

  I have a very similar situation to the man who posted just prior to me, only I have a letter written by my son's mom that says I am my son's biological father AND I know her husband is sterile, since when I first met her she was going to Grand Rapids for artificial insemination treatments.

We came together as friends, fell in what I thought was love, she moved out of her husbands house and then once she became pregnant, poof, she was gone. We remained friends and still are, but her husband is now claiming my son as his, even though he openly doesn't deny that I am the biological father.

There is a sense of pride on his part in knowing I have NO rights under the law as it stands today.

I don't know what to do at this point, but I feel for all of the men suffering through this.

I am trying to make an appointment to talk with their Pastor, based on the advice of a friend who is also a Pastor. I hope God will provide a way for my son to know his real Father.

If anyone thinks I have hope, please feel free to write me and give me an idea what to do.

Peace to you,
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